MK Numbering system for Kirschner Wires & Steinmann Pins

Our article numbers build logically on to the following system:

T KBItem: Kirschner Wires (T=Titanium)
16Diameter of the wire: 1,6 mm
150Lenght of the wire:150 mm
TR. TGDesign: Tip 1/ Tip 2. Special-Design


KBKirschner Wires
SNSteinmann Pin


R Round
F Flat
L Lancet
LHLancet with hole
3 Triangle
4 Square


PTThread 15 mm
[specify other length
if required]
FTFull Thread
TKTrocar knurled lenghtwise
BEBolt Eye
DDrill Point

Custom designs available!

The listing is only a small extract from our manufacturing program. In case you cannot find the desired wire here please ask us. We shall be happy to give you detailed information.

The Tips in Detail


T Trocar

L Lancet

4 Square

R Round

LH Lancet with hole

F Flat

3 Triangle

Special Designs

PT Partial Thread 15 mm

FT Full Thread

D Drill Point

TK Trocar knurled lengthwise

BE Bolt Eye

Kirschner Wires

Ø 0,7 - 3,0 mm
Implant Steel 1.4441
Lengths of 50 - 600 mm
Packaging Unit = 10 pieces

Titanium Kirschner Wires

Ø 1,0 - 3,0 mm
Lengths from 50 - 600 mm

Generally all our Titan wires are available in all Standard Designs and with thread.

The Titan wires can be supplied in the following colours.
Please specify the desired colour by indicating the number when placing your order.

Steinmann Pins

Ø 3,2 - 6,0 mm
Implant Steel 1.4441
Lengths of 50 - 600 mm
Packaging Unit = 1 piece

Titanium Steinmann Pins

Ø 3,5 - 5,0 mm
Lengths from 50 - 600 mm